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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by White Out, Feb 19, 2006.

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    I play NHL 06 a lot but this is a general lag issue with games. I have a 19 inch CRT NEC monitor hooked in normally thru the default plug in for my geforce 6600 gt. I get laggy games in 06, but, if I play on my TV, with the single display mode on (not clone) the tv gets no lag. When I turn on clone, it lags just the same as single mode thru my monitor. Is it possible my monitor or how I hook it up is causing lag? Any fix ideas?

    system specs

    19 inch crt NEC monitor
    amd 64 3200 winchester core
    6600 GT geforce
    1 gig dual channel ram

    thx for any help
  2. Sazar

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    I would try a few different drivers, perhaps a newer version of nView will fix the issue for you.

    You should not have an issue going from one display to the next for performance.
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    The 19 inch monitor is probably set for much higher resolution and vertical refresh rate than the TV. That requires a much higher performance video card.

    The 6600GT only has 8 texture processing pipelines so it bogs down really fast when you go above 1024x768. It is intended as an entry level gaming card. Reduce the monitor settings to 1024x768, 70Hz when gaming and you should see an improvement.

    In clone mode the card still has to produce the high resolution image for the monitor. It then down converts that to TV resolutions.