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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by AcID, Jan 13, 2002.

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    Umm having a teeny little problem and was wondering if anyone had encounterd this problem with anything else.. its ALT+TAB it wont seem to work when im playing Kingpin now but strange thing is it worked on the 90Day trial i ran a few months back. i was wondering if there was a patch or anything that could help me out?

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    I think with Kingpin, it was an option.

    You could try ALT-Esc too
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    Yes there is an option to allow/disable ALT+TAB but ive allways had it selected to yes ( Used to run WinME )

    Alt+Esc dont work either.

    Find my self having to bring up the Ctrl+Alt+Del menu to toggle windows.

    Just dont understand why it worked in the xp eval and not now... :/