Kewlest XP site on the web

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by wile, Dec 13, 2001.

  1. wile

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    This is the kewlest XP site on the web and gets the Wile 5 star rating......LOL :D
  2. gothic

    gothic LinuXPert

    Cornwall Nr. England
    I've spent many happy hours in Linux forums, chatting, swapping ideas etc. and for years have held the belief that linux hackers were THE most helpful and freindly. Having spent a short time here I am now rapidly changing those long held beliefs !!
  3. Old_Snowy

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    Found this site initially when i was thinking off buying xp so got all the info about it and was ready for the install when i got it.
    Had no hesitation joining the board when it became members only for downloads.Thanks to all concerned for such a good board.:)
  4. St0n3H3ng3

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    I agree with everyone, this site and this forum are awesome. I'm not usually big on forums, but this one rocks! Lot's of knowledgeable people here, and when you ask questions, people don't make you feel like they know all and you know crap.

    To all those involved in this site: keep up the good work.
  5. Kylie

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    Thats a fundamental requirement of a good board. I want people to never feel intimidated into asking what they think is a stupid question.

    We must also remember a lot of us have been using XP since Beta 1 ;) So we have had plenty of time to become familiar with it.

    Every day there are brand new "xp`ers" who benefit here

  6. Kylie

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    okay enough already - :D You are going to have me in tears

  7. UniSol

    UniSol I'm all ears


    You taking about MadMax V8 Interceptors in your Signature?

    They are cool anyway!:D :D
  8. MdSalih

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    Birmingham, UK

    I wouldn't like to argue :)