KaZaa Vs Blubster

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by SeeKerS, Apr 6, 2002.

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    KaZaa VS Blubster

    Both are great progams but when KaZaA mentions that there will be a fee in the near future, well thats leaves me out. Blubster equals KaZaA speeds and has multiple downloads source. Give it a try and if you get it going youll love it. Popular songs = top speed, less known songs = 56k downloads. The more users the faster the speeds so come on over to Blubster. Blubster is better than all the others and has lots of potential. Do not argue with this no other can compare. Also less likley to get viruses since its only mp3 being downloaded. Well if you need to download other than mp3 well then use any others. Long live Blubster.
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    Long live IRC and underground FTP ;)
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    But i like FTP and IRC for my goodies :p
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    Not working for me?

    hmmmm, i d/l blubster to give it a go, so far no good. I have registered with thema nd all, but i cant get a connection - allwasy saying connecting........ at the bottom..hmmmm any suggestions? am i missing sumthing out?

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    Blubster Works

    Why bother with all the others like KaZaA, with their spyware and having to remove the spyware. Blubster is the best when it comes to mp3 downloads. There is one little minor detail about this and it is really hard to config if you are behind a router. Here is how to; if you have a router. You need to forward the following ports in to your router they are 41170 to 41350 Protocol both tcp & udp, dont forget to put the ip adress of the computer the one that the dhcp assinged its starts like 192.168.1.xxx . If you are able to download then you are set, but if not you may need to force the connection by putting the real ip assinged by your DSL Or Cable provider in Blubsters config section. Blubster is the next big thing so come on all and share all those hard to find songs.


    anyone wanna share their ftp address's with me? :)
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    You forgot to mention no central server so it can never be shut down. I use blubster too a lot and it has the same basic layout as Napster. Very easy to use but I wish more people did, although there is a lot on there now.