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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by rodneyck, Mar 6, 2002.

  1. rodneyck

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    Does anyone know how to get remove the spyware in the new version of Kazaa (v1.5.1)?
  2. Sponge

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    Here is what I did: use adaware (freebie at lavasoftUSA.com)to identify the spyware pieces. Don't remove it as KaZaa won't work without it. Then use Zonealarm (another freebie) to deny internet access to the spyware. Good Luck!
  3. rodneyck

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    Thanks, that's a good suggestion. I just did not want to use ZoneAlarm, another program running in the background. I use WindowsXP's built in firewall.

    I have a program that modifies Kazaa's program to run without spyware (I can then delete cydoor), but that version doesn't work with the Kazaa's new v1.5.1. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  4. Qumahlin

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    There is a link somewhere on this site to a fake cydoor file that you can install so that you don't get the cydoor ads or such. it's called cd_clint.zip or cd_clint.dll I'm too lazy to look for it at the moment, it's been around for awhile under the name cydoor condom, but Kylie graciously posted it here and waddy had it on the front page a few days ago
  5. Use the fake cydoor

    I used the fake cydoor that is listed on this cite, as described above. Its just a bit harder though to remove it in kazaa.

    1. Rid your computer of adware with Ad-aware and the latest reference file.

    2. Put the fake cd_clint.dll that can be found from this site (this is for kazaa) in system32\. (after ad-aware deletes the normal version or you delete it your self)

    3. Run Kazaa and happy sharing.
  6. rodneyck

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    Thanks guys... I will try it tonight.
  7. user101

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    ... just a word on the Windows XP firewall.... for a free (included) product, it's not THAT bad, but it's not good either. If it actually cost money to buy seperately, then it wouldn't even be worth a dime.

    Keep in mind... you can't customize anything, and it only blocks INBOUND traffic, NOT outbound. So, anything on your computer will be able to get out into the world once it gets in.

    Go for ZoneAlarm, it's your best bet.