Kazaa Lite - Great find!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Jivefrog, Mar 17, 2002.

  1. Jivefrog

    Jivefrog Guest

    When installing it stops and asks for a second disk. Now the website says -

    "When the exe file is only partially downloaded it asks for a second disk. When that happens, you have to download it again"

    What exactly does that mean, how can I find the 2nd file to fully install the prog?

    Thanks people.

    PS..Sorry folks, this was meant to continue the original thread, not start a new one!
  2. P-R

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    why do you even want to use that spyware filled garbage?
  3. xsivforce

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  4. sic166mhz

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    don't use any download managers, some people have been known to have problems when downloading certain files with these programs.
  5. Jivefrog

    Jivefrog Guest

    The site owner has now removed the text about installing the 2nd file, si I assumed a new d/l would work ok - it did and all is well!

  6. DrX

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    I had the same problem before too, was wondering what was going on