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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Grymblayd, Feb 3, 2003.

  1. Grymblayd

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    Invariably when I start-up Kazaa, I begin with speeds of an average of 35.00kb\s .There after second by bloody second the downloads dwindle into the single digits less than 3.0kb\s.
    I accept the fact there is fluctuation .....but why not fluctuate upwards. It seems the only way for me to get a "fast " download is if I baby-sit the program. What I mean by that is, shutting Kazaa down and restarting it, bursting from 35 down to whatever and then repeating the process, much to the chagrin of anyone trying to download from me! If anyone has similar experiences or better yet knows why this happening and how to correct it , it would be appreciated .

    Thank You !

    Grym ( and I just told you why ) blayd
  2. meisme

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    What version of Kazaa are you using.
  3. Kr0m

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    Turtle Island
    With all the problems I've been seeing Kazaa users are having, why use it?
  4. Grymblayd

    Grymblayd Guest

    KAzaa Lite 2.0 ...but no more ...firstly while it is running I can't even browse the internet without waiting forever.
    I checked my connection at bandwidthplace and it is just fine.
    I just installed Ares and granted it doesn't have alot of people sharing (yet) but the GUI is sweet and the downloads fluctuate but are atleast stable.

    Grym ( and waking up to what is what ) blayd
  5. XP Abuser

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    i think kazaa is corrupting files by not downloading wat it should ive had countless corrupt files usually exe's and different users have different file sizes (weird) but no doubt kazaa is going tits up

    and also check your firewall aint blocking connections:cool: