Just had a weird instability...

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Mainframeguy, Mar 30, 2004.

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    I am attaching a screen shot that I hope you can notice has all desktop icons blacked out within their outlines - additional to this none of them were operational (assuming I could remember what they were!)

    At the same time the system was becoming slightly unstable with the start menu sometimes locking up and the task bar staying auto-hidden....

    Only other thing I probably should say is I use the PowerTools Virtual Desktop to have like four desktops - but that seldom gives me problems like this. I have not tweaked the iconcache - wonder if that would help in this case?

    Anyone else had this? Any ideas? Could it be I need to go for latest ATI dirvers to go with my 9700 pro?

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    weird. ran into problems like that back in the 95/98 days. Get powertoys tweak UI, and see if a repair icons clickeroo fixes the problem. Its possible your icon cache got corrupted. Also, another culprit was virii. check for those too. maybe checkdisk/defrag, it could be possible that your hdd is conking out.