Just can not work this one out ?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by reddragon, May 11, 2002.

  1. reddragon

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    Just installed a a04and a controller card today and strange things happening in device manager in xp.
    info on pc:
    udma 100 hdd on primary, ao4 on secondary, cdr-w on ide 1 on controller card and dvd-rom on ide 2 all set as master.
    Running 98 and xp on partitioned drive.
    When in 98 everything ok all devices set in device manager ok.
    But when checking the drives in xp all come up ok with the correct settings udma etc except for the dvd-rom. If I try to access the properties of it by double or right click the pc locks up solid every time. Even swopped the cables and tried the other ide 1 but the fault is still there.
    Funny it will read a disk ok and shows up in my computer , explorer ok.
    Ide controller shows up ok in device manager and has latest driver from promise loaded.
    Only thing I did notice was on booting in xp for the first time everything was going very very slow and freezing but after a couple of reboots it was ok untill I was checking that the settings were ok when I came accross this.
    Any ideas?
  2. Sgt Shultz

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    Controller cards DO NOT like cd-rom devices.
  3. reddragon

    reddragon Guest

    Tried a few different things today:
    put dvdrom on secondary on main board and just the same.
    format and reinstall of xp and straight away with no other software etc just freezes if you try to access the properties of the dvd rom.
    It wiil still read a disk as it is the one that I reinstaled on.
    Works good as gold in 98.
  4. reddragon

    reddragon Guest

    I kept having a go and it took a re-install of xp twice to sort it.
    First time I installed it still froze at the same point with only xp no other programs. I had a look at the controller drives as xp sees the promoise card and does not come up for you to install drivers on first boot as said it was ok and I went to update the driver with the disk that came with the card but xp said it was a older version so I left it alone.
    Then I formated and installed again this time loading the drivers when xp was loading by pressing f6 and when it was all done hey preso works a dream.
    Really good transfer rates from all cd\dvd drives.
    Every thing running in dma mode. 100 on the hhd and 33 on the other cd drives.