Just blank page and still trying to open

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by percy, Jan 15, 2005.

  1. percy

    percy OSNN Senior Addict

    hi. in my desktop when i click on a site the page is only blank and logo is just moving but for a long time it stays blank. i tried my notebook to access same site and was able to connect fast. i had already reset my router and even tried to disable my norton security. what could be wrong? thanks.
  2. FreeWilly

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    This is a standard reply the last time i got the last time
    I posted a question simmilar to this....and practically
    what everyone would tell you..or what they told me..

    1. Have u scanned your desktop for spywares/addwares? Some
    nasty ones are known to block your from where you wanna

    2. Did u use your notebook with the same internet connection?
    To make sure you can go to the site try running a tracert
    in DOS. Example type tracert www.osnn.net You can
    replace www.osnn.net with the site u wanted to connect to.

    3. Easiest way to find out if its IE is download another browser say
    Mozilla and see if it works.

    This is just some ideas. I sound more like eliminating the problem
    one by one...but I guess thats how we all learn.
  3. percy

    percy OSNN Senior Addict

    i will try to download another browser. and yes, i did check for spywares and fully scanned my desktop. i used IE in my notebook and it did not have any problem. i also just updated my security for windows xp pro (not sp2). this morning i have an email and a link to an ebay site and when i clicked it, it stayed the same, blank-hang-up-page and you can't use the IE browser like clicking on the Toolbar would not open.