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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by conn2, Jan 31, 2002.

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    I've set a domestic network between my Destop (XP Box) and my Laptop(Win98).
    My XP Box is connected to Internet and is used as a gateway to Internet.
    Every works fine: Folders, files, Internet connexion are shared ecah other in the 2 machines, no problem

    My main issue is when clicked on "Network Neighbourg" item in My XP Box and I only see folders of this XP boX and no folders of the other machine..
    To see the other machine and I have to clicked on "display the machines of the workgroup" to make the other machine and their folder to be displayed

    My questions is: how to proceed to make the folders and files of the other machine to be displayed when clicking on "network neighbourgh"
    More generally, how to configure Win XP to make the only folders I choose to be displayed in "Network neighbourg" item ?

    Tahnks for answer
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    in XP on the sidebar select either "Entire Network->Microsoft Windows Network-><your workgroup>" or "View Workgroup Computers" to browse the rest of your LAN. Xp's My Network Places is different from Win98's Network Neighborhood

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    I had this problem, XP is only good with XP it seems, I got round it one time by changing the win98 ip to the one up from the one on the XP machine.


    Windows XP - IP (autodetect)
    Windows 90 - IP (manual)

    I have no idea why that worked but we could both browse the network after that.

    Some people says it the Netbeiu....

    Good luck:)