Issues with Vista media center music library and vista resume from suspend.

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Mooz, Mar 13, 2008.

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    Good afternoon all, I have posted the below on numerous newsgroups and even on experts exchange in the vain hope there is a resolution.

    I hope and pray that one of the resident gurus can assist.

    I have now been working with mce and vmc for over two years during which time I have changed hardware (and o/s), tweaked and twiddled until virtually all of vmc functions as I want (expect).

    That said however I have two remaining issues that no-one seems to have seen or know that answer to.

    1) My Music.
    I have approx 650 artists with 2000+ tracks in total. If I leave VMC for a while from boot (i.e do not go into my music) ... for say half an hour, when I do go into My Music only 15 artists are displayed. If I immediatly press back and go back in a few more are displayed eventually all are present. If I then try and play a track the track appears to be stuck at 0.00 elapsed time. To date the only fix (workaround) I have found for this is to close VMC and return to a desktop, then press the green button to relaunch VMC at which point the My Music module functions correctly.

    2) Resume from suspend
    The hardware for this VMC setup is detailed at the end of the post.
    Although the unit goes into suspend without issue (less than 2 seconds) and returns with full usb functionality (w00t w00t). I am confronted with a graphical corruption that manifests as "twinkly pixels" within the VMC interface.

    The hardware associated with these problems is as follows.

    Graphics : Asus nVidia 8700 running latest nVidia drivers (downloaded this week).
    Sound : On board realtek with HD drivers installed
    Mobo : Asus P5W DH with only essential onboard devices enabled (no 1394, jMicron, second lan, serial, parrallel etc).

    Ram : 4gb corsair
    CPU : intel Quad Core
    Cooler : reserator XT
    HDD : 2x 1tb sata spinpoint green drives
    OS : vista sp1 (clean install)
    codec : ffdshow (latest tryout)

    PLease people, I would gladly pay to resolve the last two issue I have that would make this setup "perfect"

    any ideas thoughts however random I will appreciate.

    kind regards,

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    Twinkly pixels is a TV/Monitor issue. I have this from time to time, turning the display off and on again after a few seconds resolved it for me.

    WRT My Music, they will all eventually display if you leave VMC in my music and wait. It is most likely attempting to aquire meta data such as album art and ratings online.
  3. Mooz

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    Thanks lord for the response,

    The twinkly pixel I am certain is driver related but have yet to finder a driver that resolves it fully ... I think the term twinkly is a little misleading maybe. the monitor is a 50 inch plasma ... and the only time I get the issue is after a resume.

    regarding the my music issue ... is this a known bug ? or is there any workaround other than leaving it ... as when i do leave it it seems to take between 3 and 4 minutes to get the music library loaded up !!!! <-- this issue drives me crazy the most.