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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by princedanger, Mar 15, 2002.

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    I am becoming increasinly frustrated by my system regarding connecting to the internet. I connect through freeserve anytime, and usually manage to get straight through. The problem I have is that if I have disconnected from the net, when I later reconnected, although the connection is okay (little bubble message tells me this is so!) I cannot access any pages through explorer, and outlook express cannot find my mail server account.

    If I restart XP then reconnect, everything is okay again! I am getting fed up with restarting the system, does anybody know any possible causes/fixes. I am running Zone-Alarm pro firewall, but I can't see that this would cause the effect mentioned.

    Any comments greatly recieved.
  2. This problem has been raised previously, and common denominator appears to be ZoneAlarm.

    I had same problem, ditched ZoneAlarm, replaced it with Tiny Personal Firewall (free) and (fingers crossed) everything has been OK ever since.:cool:
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    I belive this is a ZA and XP problem, i too have had it, and im on freeserve anytime too (not for long, just orderd adsl :)) I have just updated to ZA pro 3.0 and havnt had this issue yet and have been running for 2 days now.
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    Freeserve, if I'm correct is free dialup access. If you're on a modem, you really don't need to run firewall software at all. Your connections are sporadic, your IP changes and the transfer is slow. The only time you'd want to run a firewall program at all is if you install a lot of crap that could be spyware or trojans that dial home. If this is the case, the answer is easy: don't do that =)
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    I wish it was free. Some people including me prefer to feel more secure knowing what data is being sent/recived and by which programs. Even though dial-up's are slow and dynamic IP's, my firewall have still stoped a number of nukes from dumbasses off IR, and media player is annoying when it connects for codecs etc.
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    Thanks guys for the info. It seems that little ol' zone alarm must be having a few probs then. Next mission - to find a copy of version 3, and see how that performs.

    I must admit that I payed for my copy of ZApro version 2.6***. However as this is pissing me off somewhat, I shall endeavour to find a ripped off copy of version 3, I don't see why I should pay for upgrades to cover their question...(you knew this was coming!) anyone recommend a reliable site to download version 3???

  7. You can actually get free trial version of Zone Alarm 3 from the official site at

    Suggest you try it out first!!!
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    Just d/l ZA pro 3 from the proper site, when u install it, choose same folder as your current ZA is using, and then before it starts copying files, it asks if u want to upgrade or do a clean install. I choose the upgrade and its been working fine, never asked for a new serial or anything.
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    its that pesky zone alarm i had exactly the same problem till i binned zone alarm try sygate its brill and free...........
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    Just got ZA pro 3 and now everything is hunky-dory. Thanks for the advice ppl.:D