Is XP vulnerable when logon screen is up??

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Phantom_24, Aug 10, 2002.

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    Just had a dumb thought and wanted to ask this question. When a computer is booted up and/or someone logs out to the logon screen in XP, can the machine still be spotted by hackers?! Or are the necessary networking drivers unloaded from the OS??
  2. lol u people are so funny, what is so important can be on your computer that u'd be afraid of hackers? cuz if i real hacker wants to get into your computer firewalls and other **** wont stop him. and lame wanabies wont be able to do anything unless u setup some trojan server on your own.
    and to answer your question, if u just booted up and didnt log in yet , your computer is not connected to internet so noone can see you online. if u just hit "win+L" then everything is still loaded and you are connected to internet and all. but when u go to start>log off> log off . then everything supposed to unload.
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    when your PC is up on cable or DSL and connection that will not shut off and ur computer is on ur very hackable, if u dont want be hacked, stayy of the internet!!!!
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    w0lv3rin3, you are going to put the fear of god in him, so far as I know the net drivers arent loaded. If you press Win+L then as long as your firewall is working then you are protected
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    If the computer is to the welcome screen the network drivers are loaded. You are vulnerable. The questin is do you really have anything to be worried about? If it is a true hacker and not a script kiddie then there is not a whole lot you can do. Any computer connected to the internet is at risk. Should you freak out and not get online? No, what does soemone have to gain by hacking your computer?