is WinPPPoE the sames as PPPoE

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by SeeKerS, May 1, 2002.

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    Has anybody tried this yet? I am using a dsl line and was wondering if it can actually improve my speed to 1.5 to 2.0. Havent tried it yet because im at schoool right now.
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    I think you mean Winpoet. No?
    A PPPoe client is basicaly a software used to connect a user to the internet with his/her username and password.
    Inother words Log On.

    There are different flavors of PPPOE clients. Such as:
    Winpoet and RASPPPOE

    I have used both in the past when I had DSL. (now cable)

    I found that Winpoet was somewhat bloated and used alot of resourses.

    RASPPPOE contained less bloatware and took much less resourses. It also responded faster.

    Basically both do the same, 1 is just slimmer and more effecient than the other.

    Having said that,
    You mentioned that you are looking to crank up your speed.
    Using a particular PPPOE client is not really the answer.
    The answer lies in your RWIN and MTU settings really.
    It also depends on what your DSL Line is capped at. (advertised speed).
    Not everyones RWIN is the same, by that I mean you and your next door neighboor could have the same DSL Plan and your RWIN settings would most likely differ for optimal performance.

    Tweaking your internet connection requires the knowledge of your advertised speed (can be gotten from your ISP).
    Tweak and Speed test's.
    And a little patience.

    Just for the hell of it.(of course I dont know your operating system, but I'm assuming [hate doin that LOL] its XP.
    Basic RWIN starting point for a PPPOE connection is 32000 then adjust from there.
    Your MTU should be set at 1492.
    Scaling and Time Stamping should be off.
    Path MTU Discovery on.
    Black Hole Detection,Selective Acs,Max Duplicate Acs and TTL to default.

    Well I hope that helps some.
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    In xp you cannot go over 1480 mtu.
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    Thats actually untrue.

    I could show you many tweak test results from various people that use PPPOE with a 1492 MTU.

    I myself (being on cable) have a 1500 MTU.
    Here is 1 result for cable with XP

    Example 146000 byte download
    Actual data bytes sent: 146000
    Actual data packets: 100
    Max packet sent (MTU): 1500
    Max packet recd (MTU): 1500
    Retransmitted data packets: 0
    sacks you sent: 0
    pushed data pkts: 17
    data transmit time: 0.831 secs
    our max idletime: 254.2 ms
    transfer rate: 87114 bytes/sec
    transfer rate: 696 kbits/sec
    This is not a speed test!
    transfer efficiency: 100%

    As you can see the MTU is 1500 which it should be.
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    OK, I did a little digging and must apologise.
    And heres why,
    XP users: There is no tweak yet to raise MTU......
    from 1480. This is caused by the internal PPPoE connection software in WinXP, for PPPoE users only. Changing to RASPPPoE is so far the only way to achieve 1492 IPMTU.

    Non PPPoE users will have 1500 MTU, providing no routers or whatever, are interfering.
    Therefore looks like RASPPPOE is the way to go to achive those other 12 bytes.

    No excuses, I been away from the tweaks forum too long LOL;)
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    12 bytes, thats not really a big noticible difference, also microsoft has a way to change it, and its like 50 things in the reg.
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    Could you direct me to the info on those 50 reg settings?
    Allot of people that I know would like this info.
    They would be very gratefull.
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    Thank You,
    I am checkin it out :D