Is this possible?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by wusoulfly, Mar 25, 2002.

  1. wusoulfly

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    Here is my problem.. I have Comanche 4 which will not work on XP even though it says it will. I've tryed everything, and support was bs.

    So, i wanted to know if its possible to install Win98se on a new partion w/o having to format XP and all the stuff? If it is please post steps how to..
  2. Twink

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    wrong forum (I think). But anyway. Get someting like partition magic, it can make new partitions while leaving the old ones intact (it isn't free, but there might be a free program that can do the same job somewhere). make the new partition, run 98 setup (you might have to do this from dos, not sure if xp will let you run setup while in windows). change the dir to d:\windows or where ever you want it (I've actually have ME and XP running on the same partition without problems but I wouldn't suggest it). The only thing really is I have a feeling this might screw the bootsector/boot.ini file up a little(ie you don't have option of booting to xp, only 98), you might need to reinstall XP afterwards (or do a recovery setup) to fix it.
  3. Qumahlin

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    yeah twink is right. you'd need partition magic.

    my friend has comanche 4 and it runs perfectly under XP so it's cleary a problem with yuor specific hardware and not XP itself, what happens when you try and run the game?

    and if you do try the put win98 on idea all you have to do to fix the bootsector is to boot from the xp cd and go into recoveyr console and type fixboot
  4. wusoulfly

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    When i first installed I used full install(large) and ran update before even opening the game, then I opened; it played the intro then the menu came up and everthing froze and i had to restart. I've reinstalled about 10 times, trying small/full install and w/ and w/o the update.. Support told me to update my VIA drivers; which i did and it still doesn't work.. As soon as the menu comes up and the background music starts it freezes up.

    win xp pro
    geforce 3 ti 200
    512 mb ram
    soundblaster pci 512

    (all drivers are newest)
  5. icerabbit007

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    try with an other driver for your videocard. And update the driver for your souncard.