is this a good 3dmark2001 score??

Discussion in 'Benchmarks & Performance' started by AmarSingh, May 10, 2002.

  1. AmarSingh

    AmarSingh Guest

    is 6782 a good 3dmark2001 se score for everything at default settings->no overclocking??

    amd xp 1900
    gigabyte ga-7vrxp
    msi gf3 Ti200 128MB RAM
    512MB Samsung PC2700 DDR
    Seagate barracuda iv 80GB

    im new to benchmarking
  2. dArK_CyAnIdE

    dArK_CyAnIdE Guest

    just overclock lol
  3. dArK_CyAnIdE

    dArK_CyAnIdE Guest

    btw catch do you still have the default cooling opn ur ti200 cause you can get more out of it you know... unless of course you just want to be on the safe side...
  4. dArK_CyAnIdE

    dArK_CyAnIdE Guest

    well oc`ing the core is what matters more now with the gf3 class
    so at lesast you can get that...
    btw how are ur temps? did you try putting ramsinks on those ram?