Is there such a thing as Triple Boot?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by andywoo1, Dec 4, 2001.

  1. andywoo1

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    I was just wondering, as I have XP Pro on the first partition, ME on the second, and soon to be 95B (Purely for DOS Stuff) on the third. Is it possible to have 3 O/S's listed in the Boot.ini, and detect them???

  2. Braniac

    Braniac Guest

    Yes it´s possible. And even quad boot if you want.
  3. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    You'll need to have 95 installed on your primary boot drive first, then install ME on the partition of choice, and then install XP on it's partition of choice.

    You can go here to read about installing and booting to multiple Microsoft Operating systems:;EN-US;Q289283

    I'm pretty sure there are third party software utilitilies that will allow you to install in any order, but if you want to stick entirely to Windows then you'll need to follow certain guidelines like not being able to install 95 and 98 together on the same system. I don't think you'll have a problem installing the three OS's you mentioned as long as you follow the correct procedure. Good luck and have fun.
  4. andywoo1

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    How I was going to do it was have XP on the C, Me on D, and 95 on E, and Games and Appz on F.

    My XP won't let me select a destination folder so it has to be C:\WINDOWS ...

  5. Braniac

    Braniac Guest

    Just install 95 on an empty hd or partition from which you can boot. Afterwards insert it into the bootmanager.
  6. andywoo1

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    Ok, will do.

    Im getting a new HDD soon so I will wait till then.

  7. Elux

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    You can choose the partition/drive to install XP Pro to when performing a clean install, a couple of boxes pop up which allow you to customize the installation one of the options is to allow you to choose the install drive/partition.

  8. Gen.Carnage

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    you could make REALLY multiboot when using NT based os'es in combination with win9x versions

    make 20 or so drives with fdisk, install win9x on the c: drive and install a new version of any NT based OS on all the other partitions.... should look nice at bootup, but they would all work independently from eachother.
  9. Akash

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    hell ive seen 8os's on a computer lol
    well heard people having it not seen it literally.... but i wouldnt put it past ppl
    win2k pro/server/adv server
    xp home/pro
    who knows
  10. aspex

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    Why not use System Commander or some other utility such as that... I personally really enjoy System Commander, I can run all kinds of shit with it. Even that 60GB hard drive, that they said wasnt compatible with Linux (The EZ-Bios in the MBR adn LILO dont like each other very much) but hell System Commander made it work. I have to go through a boot loader to get to another boot loader to launch my OS - but it fuggin works....
  11. WinXPtech

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    System Commander can cause other problems if you should choose to re-install the operating system(s). Not saying it does all the time, but i have seen it happen. Setup will not allow you to continue a lot of times with a stop 0x0000007b error.

    if you do want to install win95 onto E: and it replaces the mbr (which it will do), you can boot with the XP disk, choose recovery console and run these commands:

    bootcfg /restore

    this should repair the MBR, redetect and reconfigure the boot.ini file to display the other OS's on the system. I would say wait till you have another HD if you are not familiar with the Recovery Console commands and switches.