Is there an ATI XP refresh rate fix?

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Vorpal, Sep 28, 2002.

  1. Vorpal

    Vorpal Guest

    Just picked up a 9700. I've been with NVIDIA since the TNT1 days. :)

    Is there a tool like NVrefresh rate fix for ATI cards, - or specifically the 9700 ?
  2. Canibus

    Canibus Guest

    amazing card eh? ok use this reforce its wut i use works good.
  3. Vorpal

    Vorpal Guest

    Thanks, I'll try it.

    The only 9700 problems I've had so far are:

    -Tearing in Mafia (my favorite game now)

    -The sky is MISSING in GTA3.

    I need to reinstall GTA3 from scratch before I start complaining about that one though.

    Since I've been playing Mafia non-stop for two weeks now (on a GF3 TI-500) I noticed a big difference in sharpness and clarity right away. ....hard to explained but it was more "clear" looking.
  4. Sazar

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    yup the reforce utility is supposed to work... check it out...
  5. Vorpal

    Vorpal Guest

    Oh yeah!

    That one totally worked.

    Silky smooth now - I can not see any tearing at all.
  6. OTE

    OTE Guest

    Although you've found a fix I have an 8500 and use the Rage3D tweak programm that works for all Radeon cards you can pic it up at

    In an interview with a guy from ATi (also at rage3d) he said that there would be a refresh rate fix in a near driver release - next one hopefully if not the one after - built into the Catalyst Drivers themselves.
  7. Vorpal

    Vorpal Guest

    Cool... that's really good to know. (thanks)

    Even NVIDIA hasn't done that. It would seem an intelligent move. Most normal users don't have a clue about the refresh rate issue, and it can make games look like crap - which in turn can be blamed on the video card.

    It would seem to be in a video card companies best interest to include an XP/2000 refresh fix.
  8. mbunny

    mbunny Guest

    it is not nvidia's fault

    it is MICROSOFT's fault... if they include the refresh fix and it screws up your computer, their reputation drops and they try not to risk their necks on such a thing