Is there a way to put sounds to my programs

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by XPect, Mar 26, 2002.

  1. XPect

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    Hi there folks,


    Is there a way to put sounds to any program I want?
    I want more program events and not just the
    standard program events provided in the sound schemes
    by windows.

    e.g. when I want to start, say NERO!
    I want it to play a sound sample.
    Just for the fun so that my computer gets fully sfx-ed.

    I already rumbled in my Registry but it seems more difficult
    than I first thought! :rolleyes:
    And than it takes a lot of time, putting a lot of programs to the sound schemes,
    and thereby it does not seem to work,
    somehow Hmmm?!

    Maybe that’s my problem, but if there is someone that can
    give me a helping hand?
    Maybe someone ;) programmed a little tool for it already, of which I’m not aware of? That would be cool!

    Gr33Tz XPect
  2. max

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    Thats a great idea

    I will have a look around for you
  3. Glaanieboy

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    The Netherlands
  4. XPect

    XPect Guest

    I’ve tried the leeos program, but with me it wouldn’t work.
    It adds the program events but it wouldn’t play the sounds on my computer.

    My registry is restored/clean so that can’t be the problem of not playing the sounds.
    I’m using a XP Pro 2600, and sound is installed on my pc as it should.

    Thanks anyway :cool:, if someone comes around a tip give it a reply

  5. vince1956

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    It is actually east to do...Just make sure that the sound or audio clip is converted to a wave file first...Then go to the sounds tab,Highlight the program that you want the sound to open or close with..then go to browse find the clip that you want to use.And thats all there is to it....PS Make sure you convert it to a wave file first...:)
  6. XPect

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