Is my card Broke?

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by cpomd, Aug 2, 2003.

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    NVIDIA GeForce3 Ti 200 (Microsoft Corporation) [Display adapter]
    Please help me i was running Nvidia 44.03 driver successfully for some time. Now i have got a very bright "solarised " display after uninstalling/reinstalling several times i have present situation of Manufacturers driver installed with a very strange message when i try and change display settings.BTW it is an onboard graphics card. Tia
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    Sounds like the driver is not uninstalling all the way.

    Uninstall your current driver, restart, then Install either the newest Nvidia reference driver from their site, or get a compatible older version from

    To check and make sure all the files have been updated,
    Go to Display Properties
    and then click on the tab with the name of your video card

    Make sure ALL the files listed in the textbox at the bottom of that window have the same version. like

    If not, something is not uninstalling correctly.

    Other than this or a reformat, I would see if you could swap this card in another machine and see if it still has the same behavoir, that will tell you if it is hardware related.
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    Many thanx for ur prompt reply, tried all that ended up using driveimage to restore last weeks backup, now loads ok but when i click on settings in display panel it informs me that it was written for an older version of windows and has defaulted to standard VGA driver nevertheless driver is now Nvidia 40.7.2 and i can use it!
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    you can goto it is a great source for Detonator drivers with reviews and archived crap... Try new driver...
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    detonator destroyer, at
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    got latest driver from guru3d, still got same error msg but it is ok cos i can use it!