is it worth it? xp?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by prodj88, Jul 2, 2002.

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    hi this is my first time posting here..ok so i was reading thhis reviews and they said xp might not be worth it b/c of all the security problems. i know therers patches and its been updated but some stay win98se is still better. what do yall think:p


    LOL yeha i think its worth it cause they keep coming out with new patches all the time
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    Besides Win98 is one of the worst OS there are. You will find so many more bugs in it than XP.
  4. Henyman

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    u do get problem's with xp, but don't u get problem's with all system's?,that's why they came up with service pack's + updates. xp is well worth it in my opinion:D
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    o It's Not

    I recommend not upgrading. If you feel you must go only as far as Windows 2K. If you have no option and must purchase XP, downgrade it as soon as possible. Go to Windows 2K instead.
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    Re: o It's Not

    Why? :confused: :D
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    If your hardware is newish (less than a year old) and you can find all the correct signed drivers for XP then your system is going to be more stable than 98 and more secure if you chose the NTFS file system.

    I'd stick to 98 in all other circumstances.

    This is even more important for companies with mixed computer systems as even some well known hardware/printer manufactures "still" have not released signed drivers for their products.

    Upgrading from 98 is best undertaken online, using the tools supplied by microsoft as the download appears much smaller.
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    If you have to ask, you ain't ready for NT... it'll kik ur butt. :p
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    xp is worth it , i heard soon there will be an update that will not let you update anymore. Something like that...
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    I like windows 2000 and I like windows xp, and the only reason why I used windows xp is the fact that I can burn CD's faster and it loads up faster than in 2k. But both are good if not better operating systems. If you dont want to shell out the dough get windows 2k. :D
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    yeah only reason I use winxp is its faster loading up and prettier than win2k...

    otherwise its almost the same cept for the sys restore feature...

    if you need to go over win98se... go win2k... winxp if you want to get pretty desktop :)

    oooh... me love you long time sexy desktop with pretty colors....

    oooh la la...