Is it possible to transfer vhs to pc?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Johnnylee_hang, Nov 19, 2002.

  1. is it possible to transfer vhs to pc? if yes! how?
    what supply do I need? what will help me?

    can i use the camcorder to do that also?
    a soundcard with av-in-out-put?

  2. Tiesto

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    Yes, it is. I have seen a converter that plugs into a USB port that records the VHS tape to an mpeg file. Damn, I wish I knew where I had seen it...
  3. BonyTony

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    Yes it can be easy to get your recordings from either video or camcorder on to your pc.....providing you have some components on your system.
    You need some way of capturing video onto your pc

    1,What system spec have you (need a nippy Pc to capture frrames)

    2,What type of graphic card do you have?....some allow you to capture video...if you have video in then this will save you money.

    3,Have you a Tv card installed?, as you can use these to capture video

    If you have no way to capture your video to your pc yet you can buy this from most computer part shops its similar to the device Tiesto mentions.

    Also some links for you to read here

    and here
  4. canadian_divx

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    if you have a new vcr that has rca out puts then all you need is a all in wounder card and just plut it in an capature
  5. With XP moviemaker, will it work if I connect the camcorder to my computer with a USB and the av-in or av-out into the vcr?

    av-in or av-out is those three plugs (red, white, and yellow wires)
  6. syn

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    yea, johnny, all you need is a video capture card (card with coaxial input) and use adobe premiere, and you can copy it over onto your cpu...
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    Could you do this, if your video card has VIVO?
  8. BonyTony

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    Yes probably the easiest way and certainly the cheapest if your card has this feature.
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