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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by vnet576, Jan 5, 2003.

  1. vnet576

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    I checked my system hardware manager and I found out that several of my hardware devices share the same irq setting. Now, I know that this is bad and can impede performance. I'm not sure which device's irq I should change and to what number. Here is a screenshot of my devices and irq settings.

  2. Duke Zootin

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    If everything is working ok, don't worry about it. The PCI and ACPI specifications include IRQ sharing and XP using ACPI does very well handling it.

    A quote from MS itself:

    If you have ACPI enabled (which you probably do) then attempting to manually assign IRQ's in the BIOS isn't really going to get you anywhere since XP will ignore the BIOS settings if ACPI is enabled.

    For more information click here:
    MS Article 314068

  3. vnet576

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    Well thanks for your help. How can I uninstall my old pci 56 k modem, because I don't think that its a good idea that its sharing an irq with my video card.
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    To unistall a device goto device maanger right click on the device in question and select unistall, then power down the computer and remove the device. If you don't want to physically remove the device goto device manager right click the device and select disable.
  5. Zedric

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    If you don't use the modem it won't make a difference.
    If you do it probably won't anyway.
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    If you're thinking of uninstalling the modem to re-install and assign it another irq, then you will probably be dissappointed when windows gives it the same irq again.
    I tried to get as much performance from my ti4200 by trying this (it shares an irq with a usb hub) without any luck.
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    Unless you have some ancient hardware you won't notice any difference at all switching IRQs. Like the above post said XP and ACPI are designed to handle IRQ sharing. The idea of switching IRQs is a throwback to the days of older Windows versions and DOS.