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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by SPeedY_B, May 19, 2002.

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    I've always had a problem with my sound and objects moving on screen, (i.e. a flash animation) whereby the sound crackles and skips.

    I'm pretty sure this is down to IRQ Settings as both the sound card (Creative PCI 128) and the Graphics card (AGP GeForce 2mx 32mb) are on IRQ11

    I've tried the default XP drivers for both cards and I've tried Creative's/nVidia's lastest XP drivers, I've also tried changing BIOS settings to stop things using IRQ 11, but my system just dumps the Gfx and sound on another IRQ together.

    Is there any way at all i can alter the IRQ settings in XP to stop this from happening? or at least some way of stopping them interupting each other?

    (p.s. the sound+gfx work 100% perfectly together in linux)
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    I'd guess this isn't the cause since XP does a real good job of managing and sharing irq's (in fact, I believe it can have up to 11 devices on one interrupt - not that I'd recommend that).

    Anyway, some bios's will allow you to force your own irq designations - have you checked? Also, you can turn of ACPI and that will disable sharing (though I don't suggest you do this since XP may balk). Last, you can physically move the card(s) to a different slot and see if that helps.

    Do you have the latest drivers for your cards (from the oem web sites, not Windows Update)? That's what I'd try first.
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    I've got the same problem as speedy - everything's under the same irq, and I think that lags the shit up. I have xp and 98 installed, and 98 works fine, no clicks or rattles. and I've assigned the irq's at bios to be one/device, they work alright on 98, but xp dumps them all on no. 4. I'll state the same question as speedy, how can I access the tabs in device manager to be able to change the irq's of each device? I'm talking about the resources/use automatic settings (that I wouldn't want to use, blah). is it about the P'n'P-stuff or smth?