News iOS 4.1 Available, Introduces Achievements, HDR Photos

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    The latest iOS 4.1 software update for Apple's iPhone/iPod/iPad is now available to download via iTunes.

    Among the features of this latest release is a new option for HDR photos: before this update, photos taken with a light background often ended up with either a very dark foreground or a very bright background, resulting in a huge loss of detail in the photo. Now users have the option to use the new HDR setting, which effectively takes several photos at different light levels and combines them to create one balanced photo, showing the full detail of both the shadows and the highlights of the image.

    Another interesting new feature is the 'Game Center', which is a central hub for all your mobile gaming that links social elements and tracks your achievements. You can find friends to play with online, as well as compare your high scores in a similar manner to Xbox Live Achievements or PlayStation Network Trophies.

    The update is available now - all you need to do is connect your Apple device to iTunes and it will prompt you to download and install the software.

    Source: Apple Website