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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Franky, Jan 10, 2002.

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    I got this MAJOR problem! My father's pc needed to be formatted and installed again no prob there I did it about 20 times already on various system's but now this one has got me going for 2 day's now

    Here's the thing

    1 he would install because windows coul'd find the eula no major prob there I encounterd this one before my answer is install Me and upgrade (its not my pc so who care's if I upgrade) did that so far so good untill he began installing xp it stopt with 39 min and froze from there after a while I got this WEIRD error saying something weirder (sorry I didn't wrote it up)

    So format c here whe go because Me woul'd boot up anymore
    So far so good going to install windows still no eula so Me
    Got there installed Xp fine now when I booted I see its installed xp not over Me but in a different partition I had on the hd nothing t whurry about I thought because everythnig was working but now

    I sliced up the hd before everything with all the data on it so I had 2 partition's
    I wanted to merge this one so (I use partition magic btw) I formatted c: and joined this to d:
    BUT at the end of the joining it gave me again a verry WEIRD error message
    and everytime I wanted to boot it said INVALID SYSTEM DISK

    SO xp lost incluiding some of the data
    ok now
    I toke out the hd an placed it in my pc
    It worked fine I copied the data onto my pc and deleted averything on the hd
    I installed xp on it throu my pc and it worked great now I placed everything back how I schould be (I think checked it and looks fine) and I have the same error message

    There is NO disk or cdrom in the drives I tryid everything I can think of incluiding booting up from cdrom (tnx mdsalih) no luck there won't even start the cd
    The drive itself can be found in dos under c: I get to see 3 maps windows, documents and settings and program files
    It works fine in my pc
    I'm going to try and put my hd in the pc to see if it's the hd itself or the motherboard a somesort because I don't know wath to do next

    I hope someone will
    Greetings a dispared Franky
  2. Lonman

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    All the boot files for the hard drive are still on your pc... I take it you now have a boot-loader on your pc that points to this 'now gone' installation.

    Slap that critter back in your computer... format it... copy the XP installation directory to it (i386)... put it back in your dad's pute... boot to a floppy and find the file in the i386 directory called winnt.exe and run it. It should find the eula ok doing this, if not do the ME install again (leaving the i386 folder) and find the file winnt32.exe in the i386 directory from ME.

    You might be able to do a repair on the boot sector of the drive, but i don't know how to do all that from the cd.
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    Thnx for the reply going to try that this evening going to work now :d

    Greetings Franky
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    I do have the option to chose between 2 osses on my pc when I reboot how can I change it back ? i triyd fdisk/mbr but bo luck

    Greetz Franky
  5. Lonman

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    Go to Control Panel> System> 'advanced' tab> startup and recovery 'settings' button. At the top of that window are your boot-loader options, make sure you have your OS selected and untick the "time to display...." box. You'll boot straight up then.

    You can also edit your boot.ini file in your system root directory. The first option is the easiest.
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    the major problem will have to wait untill tomorrow ! Now when I try your option 1 I see 2 the same osses I don't want to bee surprised with the error can't find boot disk or something hu so with one should I take the top or bottom one both say "Microsoft windows xp proffesional /fastdetect" when I get the boot menu its the one at the bottom that's whrite so schould I take this one ?

    O please tell witch one ;)

    Greetz a slitly frustraded Franky
  7. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    This is my boot.ini:

    [boot loader]
    [operating systems]
    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect
    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINNT="Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional" /fastdetect

    The words between the quotes can be edited. Go back to your boot-loader options and you can edit your boot.ini from there. Edit one of the "Microsoft Windows XP Professional" strings so you can identify it on the next boot-up. Then you'll know which is which and can safely select your working OS.
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    I'm verry sick a the moment but the pc has to be ready so I gave it another try result: cyclische redudantie controle error (it's dutch translating will be hard because I don't know wath the words meen :d) I get to the point when it starts the setup (I needed to install Me btw) and say's remaining time is 39 min bon then waith a few moments ans padaboem padabiem the error :'( man remind me NOT to say yes to my father to take care of its pc :d I am formatting the hd again because its starting the seutp everytime I boot and I want to try another cd (I noticed that there was a little crack in my cd giong from the inner ring to about 2 mm in the written part of the cd so I guess that's the prob I have a home edition or a prof UK waiting lets go and see wath that giv's :p

    Greetings Franky --> Verry Verry Verry sick at the moment
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    tnx a million


    I've got everything working know thnx lonmann for the help

    A verry verry verry happy Franky:D
  10. Lonman

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    Very cool. Now you can take 2 aspirins and call me in the morning - rest. Hope you're feeling better. :)