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    Announcing a new platform for internet television and video. Anyone will be able to broadcast full-screen video to thousands of people at virtually no cost, using BitTorrent technology. Viewers get intuitive, elegant software to subscribe to channels, watch video, and organize their video library. The project is non-profit, open source, and built on open standards.

    The internet is arguably the last truly free means of disseminating independent art work (and information in general) to the world today. As such, I am certain this concept and ideals of this project will resonate deeply with many of the artists in the Deviant Community. Put very simply this software has been designed to allow artists like you and I to broadcast high quality video to a global audience. Opening up the door for independent television producers and film makers to showcase their work over a highly accessible medium.

    But before the we all jump into Premier and Final Cut Pro to create our masterpieces there is some design work to be done. The Participatory Culture Foundation is offering up two sets of challenges and rewards for their Internet TV Project. First, a $1000 prize for the Video Player interface and second a $300 prize for a Video Player logo or icon design. Submission deadline is July 31st, so time is of the essence. Good luck!

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    I'm thinking of entering myself, not too sure though. Anyone find this interesting and willing to enter?
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    Thanks for the heads up, Resilient. :)
    Might give a shot at the logo/icon.