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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by newbie4000, Jun 30, 2002.

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    Currently I have 2 computers using XP pro hooked up through a hub. The hub is then connected to a dsl modem.

    Both computers were set up using the windows home network wizard. In the setup I selected the option that said that the network did not connect to the internet and I am not using ICS.

    One of the computers is bridged, probably because I have an sound blaster audigy, I disabled the 1394 connection, however, the local area connection is still bridged, and there is a seperate icon called "Network bridge" MAC Bridge Miniport (Can I disable this??). The second computer does not have a bridge.

    Now the problem is that both computers cannot connect to the internet at the same time. Before I set up the network this was not a problem. Also when both computers used win 98 se it was not a problem either.

    I've also noticed that when one of the computers is on the internet, the second computer cannot connect to the internet for some time even when the other computer disconects and shuts off. The computer can also boot up again and easily get back on the internet. This happens on either computer.


    Computer 1: Connects to the internet
    Computer 2: Attempts to connect to internet while computer 1 is connected, which of course fails.

    Computer 1: Disconnects and shuts off
    Computer 2: Attemps to connect but still can't and times out

    Computer 1: Boots up again and connects to the internet without problems.
    Computer 2: Still attemps to connect

    Now after 20-40 min the other computer can finally connec. (however the first computer cannot be connected. Note this happens to both computers.

    Any ideas what I need to do?? Do I need to assign an I.P on the networks connection or my internet connection.

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    Have you entertained any thoughts about getting a router?
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    Well do you know a quick way to get rid of the home network, how to uninstall it?
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    there is an easiest way to solve this trouble.

    step 1) forgot about the networking wizard
    step 2) delete the bridge connection (use the delete key once the icon is selected)
    step 3) right click in "my computer" then "properties" then select computer name
    take note of the name listed in workgroup in both pcs it should be the same (i.e. workgroup)
    In case these names are different try changing them to be the same (by the way this is not really necessary but will help you in case of any conflict)
    click ok
    now it gets complicated

    Note: be careful to follow the following steps carefully

    step a)
    go to control panel
    then click in the internet & networking connections icon

    step b) follow the steps used to create an internet connection by clicking the setup button .

    select connect to the internet (follow the steps to configure your connection manually)

    be careful to choose the right dsl option (with and without password)

    :eek: :eek: important:eek: :eek:

    If you use a username & pwd Perhaps your internet provider wont allow simultaneous log ins and that will be the reason of connection failure.

    well its been a long journey and we are almost there :)D )
    Not really, were done by now, but in case you cannot connect to the web perhaps the best method will be using ics

    I hope this will help you
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    My service actually allows 2 I.Ps, so do I need to assign one to each computer
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    Nope your service provider automatically will assign them to each computer, unless you have buyed that IP addresses, then yes you should assign them to each computer.