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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Luna64, Nov 19, 2002.

  1. Luna64

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    I have been having some problems in XP Corp with the internet.

    I am unsure of what is causing this to happen, but my guess is that it's the firmware on my Linksys router. I updated it and at first I did not notice any problems. But later my dad told me that while playing Backgammon in XP that he kept getting a connection lost message.

    I took it to be my http server at first. I did start to notice after my dads backgammon problem that download kept freezing before they were done, and that web pages loaded very slow.

    I did a system restore to an earlier time when my pc ran fine, but it did not help. After that I did a format and reinstalled XP. That did not help so I installed SP1 and it was still not working. Download are still failing.

    Lucky for me I have two other D-Link routers but I can't get them to work for the love of me. My linksys runs through , and I think my D-Links run through if I am not mistaken ?

    Though when I plug in my D-Links ( I tried them both , one after the other ) I cant get them to work. The orange light on both of them just keeps blinking and I cant access them through windows.

    I had this same problem a year ago but I somehow fixed it. Don't remember how I did it though.

    What I am really after here is why XP might be messing up the internet, or why my router might be doing it. And secondly, any tips on how to install a D-Link 4 port router. It's killing me :-/
  2. Zedric

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    It may very well be the firmware.

    The D-Link should just be plugged in and then you can configure it. No problems. Make sure you have your computer set to automatic IP.
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    good one, Zedric!

    And don't forget to update your firmware, so hackers don't get in!