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Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by percyv143, Jan 27, 2003.

  1. percyv143

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    Hi. just reformated my hd and had backup my favorite icons for my IE6, xp pro. when i copied the favorite files back the icons are just plain ie icon, how can i replace this with their own customized icons? i used favorg but nothing happened.
    pls. help.
  2. JJH35

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    if your speakin of the icons when u open the favorites tab, just right click on the particular link click Properties and it has an option to change icon
  3. I did the same thing and I have the exact problem.

    He doesnt mean to change the ie icon. He means that whenvever you go to a site it has a little icon (not all sites) in the address bar and when you add it to yr favorites it saves that icon by the name of the website. But after the format it wont show the icons anymore.

    Any ideas??
  4. zalood

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    They are stored in Temporary Internet Files and all are named favicon.ico
    If you don't have backup for this folder when you do a reformat, the only way to get them back is follow the link and make another favorite shorcut.
  5. Jachyra

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    There is a program that can retrieve those icons directly on the web sites and keep them on your comp. The name is Favorg. I use it so I never lose those icons in IE.

    You can download it here

    Hope that helps...
  6. muzikool

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    I found this thread doing a search for a similar question. Thanks for the tool Jachyra!
  7. Simes

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    I downloaded Favorg 1.2 All seemed fine but I have noticed it has thrown some of my other icons into disarray.

    Is there anywhere to download 1.4 for free? I've only found it at the PC magazine so far.