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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by striko_514, Dec 29, 2002.

  1. striko_514

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    I'm using WindXP and IE SP1. Before when I downloaded something from internet or when I click on a download link, any type of file, the download box appear and asking me where I wan to save this file. One day I was downloading something, I accidently uncheck the prompt me box. So now, when I click on a download link, the download start immediatly and open the file after the download is finish. This is really pissing me off, because I can't scann the file before opening it, the IE or window open the file for me immedialy after finish downloading. So I'm asking if someone know how I can put this option back to normal. That means when I download something, the save file box appear and prompt me where I choose to save this file.
  2. neonwizard

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    download something else this time get a copy of the file name that you are downloading, once the download is completed put the file name in search and it will take you to where it has be storing your files
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    I know how to search the downloaded file. But I just wan to know if there is an option in windows XP or in IE that I can reput this option on. Because I dont wan to do righ-click then save as each time. And I can even scan the file with a antivirus, it open it automaticly after download.
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    open an explorer window (Not an IE window) goto tools> folder options > File types. Now select the file extesion that you want to fix (zip, exe, whatever) and hit the advanced button. now put a check in the box that says 'confirm open after download'
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    Start>Settings>Control Panel>Internet Options>Advanced>Restore Defaults.

    I hope this helps. It looks to me like this is what you are talking about. If you have made settings other than the default while customizing your system you will have to recheck them after doing this test so you may want to make note of the settings before doing the restore. This should also be able tell you which one got checked by mistake.......
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    I had this happen once--rettahc has the correct answer on how to correct this issue.

    And you are right, it will piss you off. :p
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    Thanks alot