Internet Explorer 6 uninstalling

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by tmoceri, Dec 17, 2001.

  1. tmoceri

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    On XP ie 6 is listed under windows components. Unchecking it doesn't really uninstall every component. You can still execute the browser using favorites. So what good is it to uncheck and recheck it. What's removed? Where's the repair reinstall option? Unless in xp it never gets corrupted so it never would need to be installed. Just curious.
  2. Lump

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    My IE is thrashed & I want to uninstall it & do a clean install of IE6, (I am running XP pro) but cant find anyway of doing it, anyone have any advice???

  3. Lonman

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    The only thing 'removing' IE through the control panel applet does is removes the visible links to it. If your IE is thrashed, then you need to do a repair installation of XP.

    If you think something is corrupted, then you can open a command window and type in 'sfc /scannow' (without the quotes). This utililty will scan for corrupted system files and prompt you to replace them.