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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by computerfreak76, Feb 10, 2003.

  1. when the i hover over my little internet icon in the taskbar i can see sent and recieved bytes.

    my question is why does it start over at around 4,000,000,000 bytes?
  2. ZAnwar

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    I really ain't got a clue, maybe the counter stops at 4 billion bytes!
  3. SPeedY_B

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    Probably has something to do with a 32-bit integer, this causes the uptime bug were-by every 49.7 days your uptime will loop back to 0.

    Just a guess though :)
  4. it starts over from 0 after it hits 4,000,000,000 bytes
    and im not using a network card its a adsl usb modem
  5. and to let you know its been up for about a day but i have downloaded 4 full length movies.
  6. well i just wish it wouldnt rollover but i have a diagnostics program that comes with the driver updates that i can use to monitor overall bytes sent and recieved.

    i just have seen this happen a few times and had wondered why it rolls over thats all.