Internet and ZoneAlarm Pro conflict

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by vdogz, Feb 8, 2002.

  1. vdogz

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    i'm have an internet problem that is VERY annoying. i can connect to the internet after a fresh reboot, but i find if i try to reconnect the actual dial-up part works and the modem icons appear but the internet does not MSN messenger and Internet Explorer etc. they all seem to think that there is no connection present. I am using windows XP. i've heard this is something to do with ZoneAlarm Pro (which i use). is this correct? are there any workarounds (i really like zonealarm) e.g. would this problem be solved if i use ZoneAlarm instead of the pro version?

    any help is appreciated. :confused:

  2. DrX

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    What version of Zone alarm are you using ?
    2.6.362 is the latest

    I dont have any issues with it myself ..... are you allowing IE in the control panel ?
  3. tastingw

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    Get the XP patch for zonealarm, than it will work
  4. vdogz

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    zap version

    i am using version 2.6.362 and apparently it is the latest version. is there another xp patch or have i already updated and got it?