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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Welsh, Sep 30, 2003.

  1. Welsh

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    Hi Guys just a quick query thats realy bugging me.

    Is there any way of password protecting Internet Explorer??
    e.g. if someone were to use my pc but i dont want them to be able to access the internet on it.

    I'm aware of user accounts and all that but they're passwords can be bypassed. What i'd want is for IE to ask me for a password everytime i wanted to go online. Can this be done with windows or is there a downloadable programme out there that does this?

    I'm with ntl broadband,have XP and zone alarm.

  2. Welsh

    Welsh Guest

    Thanks Enyo but i dont realy want to mess around with user accounts because when you turn the pc on and leave the user password blank the pc starts anyway.

    I basically want to stop anyone from using my pc to go online when i'm not home. Ntl dail up asked for a password before you could connect but this isn't available with broadband since the connection is always on. Zone Alarm pro 4 also has this facility but only for certain proggs like media player, messenger, etc.
    IE and Outlook are allowed to connect always without a password. It would be ideal if ZA asked for a password everytime you opened your brower. Its such a simple idea i'm supprised no one has come up with anything like this yet.
  3. ming

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    Pardon me for sticking my nose in... but why do you want to prevent other people from using the internet when you're not there? Surely, it'd be nice to allow them to use the internet since they already have access to the computer.
  4. lechtard

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    I am agreeing with him on this one - I have a certain relative (sister-in-law) who when she comes to visit the first place she goes to is the PC, when she is on it she is downloading and installing things left and right, I tell her not to but she does anyhow - I already had to reformat about three or four times because of her, and when I say she can't get on the pc my wife tells her she can. So blocking it would be a good idea ...
  5. Welsh

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    The reason i want to do this is to stop my children from accessing porn sites when i'm not around without messing about with resticting certain sites with my browser settings.

    Anyhow i've found a simple yet effective way of doing this and it works brilliant.
    Since i have broadband if i want to stop anyone using the net from my pc i go into Start>control panel>network connections and disable my conectiontion. I'm thinking thats the last place anyone's gonna look if they get the "Page cannot be displayed" error when they try and go online.
    It'll have to do for now until Zone labs get back to me or i find a more reliable method!
  6. lechtard

    lechtard Guest

    You could always use net nanny or surf safe dude - These don't get all the sites but it is affective ...