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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by blake, Jul 24, 2002.

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    Hi ppl, I seem to have trouble setting up my internal modem. I have a motorola SM56 PCI but they do not have the driver for winxp so i selected win2k.
    but after i installed the driver, xp prompts me for which port to use COM1 or COM2. I have tried the two ports but ended up rebooting xp itself and went on safe mode.
    Any help will be deeply appreciated.
    hmmm : )
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    Have you done a clean install of XP? This is from the Motorola site:

    Please download the Windows 2000 driver for use with new, clean installs of Windows XP. Note that the Windows 2000 driver will NOT function properly with upgrades from another OS to Windows XP. Also, once loaded in Windows XP, the SM56 driver cannot be further updated.
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    a friend had a similar problem with none-xp drivers, i think in the end he removed the modem completely from hardware/device manager, then rebooted into safe mode and installed 2k drivers, rebooted once again into normal mode this time, and violla ....

    hope this helps