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    Hey guys,

    I have noticed that lately, my broadband connection is very "spotty." It works GREAT at times and then unexpectedly drops out for a few minutes, only to reconnect later on. This is happening on all of my PCs, so I know that the problem isn't there. Also, I have a brand new modem (for about three months) that has been working great. What software can I run to monitor the frequency of my connectivity breaks? When I call my provider, I want to be able to provide them with exacts.

    Thanks! :)
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    Pending on if you have Cable or DSL you may want to call your ISP and have them run a test on your line. Other than that, it may be your Router since you have multiple machines.

    On the Router, you can ensure the firmware is updated as well.
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    You should really look at the Router for the possible source of the problem. I had an SMC router that was spotty for a good while. It got to the point of havin SBC come out to check the lines and all. Tech dood was cool and told me that the router is not supported by them but it could be firmware or just simply that the router is goin bad. Got another SMC (same model) and I updated the firmware and it has been a champ since. Oh, and I did update firmware on old one before condeming it, still didn't help.

    Now this is all on the assumption that there is a router involved here since you say that there is more than one computer involved. One thing you could also do is disconnect all of the other computers and run just one connected to internet through the modem. No other equipment, just internet-modem-pc. See if it still drops connection or not. Then connect router (if you do have one) into this setup, no other computers just the one. See if it drops connection.
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    One other thing, is this prob of dropped connectivity very recent. Or did this begin around the time of the new modem? Also, could you be loosing your connection due to inactivity? Is your connection a dynamic or static one?
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    Yeah, I'm using a WRT54G right now...just upgraded the fw to .9 from .4, so maybe that will clear things up with it. No, the new modem has been fine since day one...everything is dynamic here...really dont have a need for static. Guess I'll keep an eye on my router for the next couple of days. Thanks!
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    If you have a cable connection this little program is nifty.

    Cable Modem Diagnostic

    * Output level,Upstream power level
    * Input level,Downstream power level
    * Ping of modem
    * Upstream frequency
    * Downstream frequency
    * Model of modem
    * Downstream signal to noise ratio
    * Name of config file
    * Detect standby mode of modem

    Version: 1.0.0
    Released: 07/20/2006
    File Size: 1.0MB
    OS: Windows 2000/XP

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    Hmmm, wireless____. Found this tidbit.

    Also found this.

    Now this one I am not sure could be helpful but if you have a Laptop and a 2.4Ghz phone, well ya never know.
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    Thanks for the link...I'll check it out!

    Thanks for the info, but 4 of my PCs are hardwired and I have one laptop on the WLAN...which has been working fine...I think I'll RMA my router soon.

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