interesting data on vista sp and who wants a sticky?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Perris Calderon, Mar 20, 2008.

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    typically in xp after an sp we had some serious file defragmentation, so much that performance was effected until a defrag

    so I installed the vista sp and the box was much more responsive, I think *man, I wonder if a defrag can improve the performance much*

    so guess what?

    there was almost no file defragmentation from the sp, I started with about 1 percent and after the sp I ended with one percent, I did a defrag anyway but no improvement of course


    I wonder if the sp removed the other hotfixes, I kind of doubt it because then a system restore wouldn't remove the sp

    anyone have a tutorial on removing hotfixes that are addressed with the sp?

    if somoene comes up with that tutorial I am gonna give it a sticky because that will get plenty of traffic, if you don't have a sticky yet and want one you can try to put together that file removal tutorial

    thanx in advance
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    Historically you can't remove components within a service pack, such as hotfixes from what you mention. That being said, and I could be wrong here - The Service pack, among other things, is a roll-up of previous patches. I'm thinking it checks for these updates and skips them if installed. So, theoretically, they should still be listed in Programs and Features (wow almost typed Add/remove :p), and you could then be able to install. HOwever, there are some new ones I think in the Service Pack that were not previously available.

    Outside of that, you'd have to remove the service pack as a whole.

    That's a lot of assuming though, and we all know what happens when you do that... :p