Interesting Article on Intel and AMD

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by ssj4conejo, Sep 26, 2002.

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    I was browsing around and foudn this interesting article
    THis is not one of those AMD VS INTEl type of things, its more of a TRUE article that tells you everything thats happening to both of their gains, loses economy, market share... It seems AMd is loosing alot, if clawhammer fails i'm pretty sure thei'll become like they were in the mid 90's.
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    Better hope AMD don't go broke then because Intel prices will keep on going up in huge jumps.
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    down on my knees praying to myself, please don't go broke AMD, Please please please, I don't want to be forced to pay extra money for inferior cpu's please please please

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    everyone knows about AMD's financial difficulties over the past year or so....

    but it is interesting to see the number of articles coming out on the state of AMD's finances even as the company expands in overseas markets and continues to show, based not on number of units (i.e. processors) but desktops... a flat martketshare/moderate increase...

    in units sold its market share has slipped..

    still... I think AMD will continue to lose money and still be able to meet targets... it will just have to rethink its strategy.. instead of attacking intel on all fronts... attack segments... intel is not offering better performance or price than AMD... therefore it would be a crying shame for intel to push its overpriced goods down the throats of regular consumers and then... as the other posters noted... the prices of CPU's will climb again...

    now there are some basic flaws in this article posted... most are based on economic know-how... because something loses money it will not nessarily go under...

    the most glaring error in an article posted on the 24th of september is the clock speeds given...

    3 gigahertz p4 will have a 1 gigahertz lead over AMD ?

    wtf? did we not JUST see a release of amd 2600 running @ OVER 2 ghz... sure its not avaiable OEM right now... but the processor has been released and tested...
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    It would be sad if AMD would drop...even if I am a P4 owner I have used and still using AMD on my other PC I think they have great CPU's with good kick.

    And I think that a good healthy competition with Intel is good for us I personally wish AMD goodluck with Clawhammer...

    I hope this will not end like it did with 3dfx.......
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    Well I wish AMD the best of luck. I do find one little problem with the article saying that AMD is an upstart. Well to some people maybe but not to Intel as AMD as been around almost as long as Intel.
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    Friend of Bill What, me worry?

    I just see Intel Prescott in the sunny horizon...:)