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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by sy64004, May 13, 2002.

  1. sy64004

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    I have been searching high and low and have noticed that many people have had problems with usb optic intellimice, however i can't find anything that mentions the software.

    I can't configure my friends mouse, it comes up with the standard mouse configuration, but I can't assign back, forward, etc buttons, can anyone help.

    XP has been installed over ME and I'm using the latest drivers, if this helps.
  2. surge

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    you should be able to.

    install the inteli point software, i use the wireless inteli point mouse from MS and can config all the buttons using that software
  3. Lonman

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    Go here, Left side under Products> Intellimouse Optical. On that page click download. On that page you can download the very latest XP driver/software package. That mouse control panel stuff is actually 'third party' software even though It's from Microsoft... meaning it's not installed as the default control panel applet package. Hope that helps.
  4. sy64004

    sy64004 OSNN Addict

    Thanks guys, going to give it a try now
  5. jonocainuk

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    I'm using the same mouse with the latest intellipoint software from that url posted above. I have set it so the left side button is bound to F9 and the right side button to F10 in Quake III. However, sometimes when we (me and my girlfriend) load up Quake III (seems to happen on both VQ3 and 3Wave CTFS), the side buttons aren't bound up properly and so we cant select shotgun (with left side button) or rail (with right side button). The current OS is Windows XP Professional but we had the same problem with Windows 2000 Professional.

    We found that if we simply reload the game, it fixes the problem but we've also found that as soon as we reload the game, some place robber has nicked our space on the server and we have to then go elsewhere (which is more annoying cuz there arent many CTFS servers in the UK :()