Intel sued for using the words "Dual Core"

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by Petros, Sep 4, 2007.

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    DualCor is apparently suing Intel for a million dollars. If they win, I'm going to start a company called "EightCor" and sue the first company that releases one. Or I'll make a breakfast cereal called "44th President" and sue the administration of the next person in the White House.

    How can you win a case over an obvious and common name? A win here would open the door for even more stupid litigation.

    Oh and it's litigation day on the Inq. $180 Million Payout to 63,000 Iowans for overpriced MS software. That's AFTER paying the lawyers. So if you live in Iowa and have owned a Microsoft piece of software, be sure to cash in for $2,857 paycheck for the $150 you spent. I know each person won't get that much...just love to exaggerate ;) If all the Iowans don't grab their check, the rest goes to the government to buy computers--yeah, sure it'll all go to the kids.
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    /me waits for apple to be sued using the ms precedent.
  3. Heeter

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    I could see the point of view from this company, and I would do this myself.
    This is their specialty, and they are not related to Intel.

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    SMP has been around for years. I can't see them winnng for saying there are two cpu cores....
  5. X-Istence

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    Ehm, why? These are the payouts BTW:

    •$16 for each copy of Microsoft Windows or MS-DOS operating systems.
    •$29 for each copy of Microsoft Office.
    •$25 for each copy of Microsoft Excel.
    •$10 for each copy of Microsoft Word, Works and Home Essential software.

    Apple charges:

    $129 for Mac OS X
    $79 for iWork
    $79 for iLife

    Now, they certainly don't have a monopoly like that was stated in the complaint/lawsuit and also don't overcharge since they exist as a monopoly.

    I could see it happening where people sue Apple over iTunes/iPod, but even that is a far stretch. Apple has always had competitors in those areas, people were WILLING to open up their pockets, not like Microsoft with Windows where once they were hooked and gained a monopoly they started charging boat loads more money. Apple's pricing has been fairly consistent.
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    Lawsuits like this are a waste of tax payer dollars.