Intel Original MotherBoards and RAM

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by MMF, Aug 8, 2002.

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    I have a question to the hardware experts about the intel original motherboards which one is the best regarding the future, the one with DDR or the one with RD Ram or SD Ram which ram will be used more in the future and why.

    Also which one is more powerfull for the Ram and MB.

    Thank You in advance.
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    SDRAM is cheap ... but DDR and RDRAM are faster. DDR/RDRAM are newer technologies, so they will probably be used more in the future.

    So you could either go for lots of the slower SDRAM or less of the faster DDR/RDRAM.
    Ideal situation: Lots of fast DDR/RDRAM :p
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    Well as far the future goes u should be safe with RDram or DDRram and as far which Intel board to get I would go with a version of the I845 or I850 chipsets. For the I845 chipset one thats supports DDR is the one u want. The I850 only uses Rambus. Also here is a link toIntel's site that might of some help for u. I hope this helps.

    info on motherboards
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    Try with ddr,you cant go wrong.Price is close to sd,performance to rd.The future for ddr is bright,read some news about ddr2
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  6. many questions can be asked, i know all the intel boards as its all i pretty much use exclusively

    first what is the application of the computer? work, office, games, multimedia, etc.......

    you want atx or m-atx - only real difference beside size id pci slots full atx usually have 3 more

    the newest boards out of the barn all have usb 2.0 and some 533 busses.

    you want your own graphics card, built in graphics or both......?

    the 845ebt is the latest greatest from intel, 533 bus, usb 2.0, 4ide with raid 0,1,0+1 support and 6 channel onboard sound

    heres list of most that matter and most can be had for good price, ebay included

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    RDRam may suffer the same fate as beta vs vhs

    better but less popular so it dies:(
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    well, ddr is taking the lead over rd right about now as far as performance... with more news in the future.

    but if you're building a p4 system right now, be sure to get a 533mhz bus and either pc1066 rambus or pc2700 ddr.