News Intel Hopes to 'Revolutionise' Computer Industry

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    Intel, the world's biggest computer chip manufacturer, is hoping to "revolutionise PCs" with its forthcoming chipset that will combine both the central processor and the graphics processor on a single chip.

    The new product, codenamed "Sandy Bridge" is designed to cut the time it takes to produce images on-screen as well as improve battery life and lower power consumption.

    Paul Otellini, Intel's chief executive, discussed Sandy Bridge at Intel's annual developer forum in San Francisco:

    "On one single chip, we've put in place all the critical capabilities for computing. This is a very important chip for Intel... Sandy Bridge will revolutionise PCs again".

    While Sandy Bridge is not designed to compete with enthusiast computers that feature a discrete graphics card, the chip is expected to target low-end desktop computers and laptops. The new chipset will be available to consumers some time in 2011.

    Source: BBC News
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    I was about to say, most serious gamers and graphiteers update their graphics card before they update their processor, then he said it for me at the end

    thanx for the info, this looks perfect for laptoppy types (me)
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