Installing software from CD takes up 100% CPU power

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by SpandexPants, Apr 22, 2002.

  1. SpandexPants

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    I just installed my 1st game onto XP pro and when it was reading from the CD to my Hard drive it took up 100% CPU power and my mouse was jerking around the screen.

    I had a similar problem using my midi interface in my midi sequencer but ive got that down for 100% to 25% cpu usage, which is still way too high.

    Also the task managers performance meter shows that my CPU keeps hitting really high peaks when idle and in use. For example when idle it will jump from say 2% to 60% for a second, and when in use it can jump up to 100% for a second.

    Anyone have any idea as to why Im having these problems?

    My system is

    AMD Athlon 1.3 GHz (not overclocked)
    Asus A7M 266 Motherboard
    512 MB Crucial Technology P133 SDRAM
    30 GB IMB Deskstar hard drive
    Asus 7700 series Geforce 2 GTS
    Creative Labs soundblaster Live Platinum
    Adaptec SCSI card (forgot which model no)
    Yamaha CRW 8824 burner (SCSI)
    Asus 50speed CR ROM
    Acatel Speedtouch ADSL modem (USB)
    Steinberg MIDEX 8 MIDI interface (UBS)

    Cheers People
  2. seeya

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    maybe when u press ctrl + alt + delete .. i think that is the time that took up ur usage ... then when u see it, i think it need to run more then without the usage meter ...