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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by m3rlin, May 28, 2002.

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    I've had XP on for a few months, and I want to chuck 98 onto another partition solely for problem is, when I chuck in the 98 cd and reboot, it says that I have an NT or NTFS partition (duh), and setup cannot continue. If you take a look at the attached screenshot, you can hopefully understand how i've set it up. I'm not sure how i can make 98's setup realise I want to install to a drive, other than C:.

    Thanks, any help would be appreciated.
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    The problem actually lies in the fact that your BOOT partition is NTFS and Win98 cant read NTFS partitions(Without 3rd party software). I BELIEVE(not 100% sure) that you can use a bootloader such as system commander to choose your OS. I see you have partition magic, what you can try to do is move partitions around so that you get a FAT32 as your first partition. If you dont mind reinstalling all your operating systems and programs, thats the best thing to do.
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    I have had XP and 98 dual booting easily before, but what I had to do was install 98, then install XP onto a new partition, and get it to overwrite the MBR.

    I'm trying to do that, but basically in reverse, so it'll update the MBR :|

    Also, in a previous post, i mentioned how I did not have a bootable CD, so I cannot reinstall XP without reconverting my NTFS partition (c:) back to FAT32.

    You know, I think i'll just convert all my partitions back to fat32, format my XP one, then dual boot.. it'll take a few hours but it has to be simpler than this!
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    Note: (c:) should be ( c: )
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    I don't think you can change an NTFS back to FAT32. I may be wrong, but don't think so. Plus usually you are supposed to have the older OS (Win 98, 98SE) installed first then the newer OS (Win Me, 2000, XP etc...) is installed in the Dual Boot configuration.