Installation of windows XP professional (licensed version) question!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by body electric, May 9, 2002.

  1. Hello;
    I'm an IT CNS adminstrator, and we just received a copy of "windows XP professional" license version which we can install on multi workstations here in our office, I run the win32.exe file in the i386 file folder on the CD it goes through the beginning of the installation on an upgrade of windows 98 2nd edition and right after the compatibility report you click next for it to copy the installation files to the hard drive it says it needs to reboot the computer. After it reboots and goes to the DOS prompt of windows xp professional setup and the windows xp splash window it goes to a blue screen and say's "please insert the windows xp professional cd in the cd-rom and press enter" well, the CD is in the CD-Rom and I press enter nothing happens. It has options F3 for Quit and Enter to continue. I eject the CD and reload it again and then click enter nothing. Anyone know what is wrong?

    I had to abort the installation because it won't proceed any further than what I described.

  2. Lonman

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    Try coping the i386 folder (and all subfolders) to the hard drive and running the installation from there.
  3. Yeah, I saw this same situation on a different post, I will do that!
  4. Well, no luck. Any other suggestions?
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    I had a similar experience (or should I say xp-erience) last night doing a fresh install on my desktop at home. It seems that XP is very touchy about one's system during install. Things that have caused errors or completely halted my install include
    A: Memory timing maxed out. I have had trouble installing when memory speed is set to turbo. This is showing that I am pushing my ram to its limit on speed I guess, but once XP is installed, it stays stable. Go figure...

    B: Overclocked CPU. My PC runs just fine overclocked from 1ghz to 1.2ghz and stands up under all sorts of stress normally, but I cannot get XP to install when it is OC'd.

    C: CD-Rom not master on its channel. (this one has gotten my twice before) For some reason, I will get several errors claiming files are missing or disk cannot be found when the CDRom I am installing from is not the Master on its channel. Last night I intalled from my CDRW drive (the mater) instead of my CD reader (the slave) and it failed three times. I got a succesful install complete from the CDRW. Then , out of curiosity, I tried swapping them master& slave and sure enough, the reader as master will complete install fine.

    These all could be particular to my PC but I 'd thought I'd share in case any of these apply to your situation.

    My pc is:

    Athlon 1ghz (OC'd to 1.2ghz)
    Abit KT7raid MB
    1g of ram (1 512 and 2 256's)
    WD 20g HD
    Maxtor 40g HD
    Generic 54X CD
    Phillips 12X CDRW
    etc etc.......
  6. no, it's done this on several PC's in the office. There's another post regarding this same situation. I'm following up on an advice that Wrathchild gave me..hopefully this will work!
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    A word of advice, do not do upgrades of 98 on those machines. The best thing to do is to backup all the data files, boot to the XP CD, reformat the hard drives and do a clean install of XP, then reload all of the software and restore the data files. Doing this will save you alot of headaches in the long run. Also if they are older machines you may need to do a BIOS update before installing XP on them.
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    Yeah, I wouldn't upgrade from 98 either.
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    I had an XP install problem as well. I tried to install onto a clean HD, completly formatted, and after it would reboot it would think that it was still setting up the pre-reboot components. If i went to install again it woul warn em that there was an OS already, but it could not boot. The only way i got around it was to install WinMe (i installed compact so it took the lest time) then clean installed XP overtop.
  10. Well, I just received a better windows XP CD-rom from my corporate office..and it's installing just fine.
    thanks you guy's for the input!

    I appreciate it!