Install reports 15GB hdd as 2GB !

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by MrLip, Jun 2, 2002.

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    I have tried this several times, several different ways.

    I have 2 physical hard disks and want to install win98 & winxp as a dual-boot in this configuration:

    Disk#1 15GB
    partition #1 FAT32 4GB: win98
    partition #2 NTFS 11GB: winxp
    Disk#2 20GB
    partition #1 FAT32 20GB: data

    so this is what i tried:

    With FDISK on disk#1 I created
    part#1 PRImary DOS 4GB
    part#2 Logical DOS 11GB

    (Disk#2 is already setup)

    I was planning on converting part#2 to NTFS later on.

    Then I installed win98se onto C:
    That went with no problems.

    Then I tried to install winxp, but when I get to the part of setup where you select/edit the partitions, firstly, <b>setup reports my disk#1 as only 2xxxMB when it should be 15xxxMB.</b> Secondly, it <b>only shows C: (part#1.)</b> It doesn't see part#2 (which is the partition that I want to install onto) It sees disk#2 normally.

    I've also tried not partitioning part#2, just leaving as empty space so that I can create a partition on it during winxp install. BUT the same thing occurs, the physical disk is reported as only 2GB and the empty space is no where to be seen.

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    i strongly suggest that u use partitionmagic for all the dualboot stuff....its sooooo much better...i dont know why it doesnt recognize the hd as it is, but just a suggestion so you wont have any trouble...
  3. Lonman

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    Format your 11gig logical partition from windows 98 before your next xp installation attempt. I've seen this problem before and formatting the drive was the solution. Must be a glitch in XP's setup.
  4. Zedric

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    You didn't accidentaly create a FAT16 partition did you? They only come to 2048 MB.