install Remote desktop to Home edition,possible?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by brcisna, Nov 4, 2002.

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    hi all, new to this forum. is there anyway to "force" an installation of remote desktop,,from the Win XP PRO CD,( from the "startup screen"),,onto a pc,,using WIN XP Personal? The installation will start,but then stops after extracting files, "saying There is already a version of RDP,on this computer". I dont want to go through the full upgrade from Personal to Pro. I only want the full functionality of the Pro "Remote Dektop",on the Personal Edition PC. IE: Terminal Server .client,,features.Or is their a way to manually copy the files from Pro CD to the Personal PC \system32, folder and if so what are the file names? If you didnt know, Personal only installs "Remote Assistance" feature. Not "remote control via LAN/Modem:(. Thanks for any input. BARRY , END_
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    Hey, you might as well just use netmeeting to remote connect from another computers, but then someone would need to be at yours to ok it at the time. Other than that, try WinVNC, i think it is much better than remote assistance plus it is a small download, and it is free...hope that helps.
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    XP home has the remote desktop **** built in like pro does you can use the remote assistance wich is it but any platform besides XP i personally use netmeeting
    since i remote to a win 98 friend that thinks im tech support lol
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    Yes, VNC is probably a much better alternative to Remote Desktop. Plus, you can control a Linux box from Windows and a Windows box from Linux.
    It works with all versions of Windows BTW, and it's open-source.

    Less than 1 MB download here: