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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Franky, May 27, 2002.

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    Yep it's true I skrewed up my system last week so I'm planning a format for any day now. Only thing I hate to have to observe the instalation so there must be a way to get arround this I've heard about a diskette that will let you insert like name serial land time ect ect in the front of the instalation so I don't have to be here anymore does anybody know of this disk ? If so can anybody please rederect me to it ?

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    tnx but that's not wath I'm looking for I'm looking for a file that I simply have to copy to a diskette and bootup with it don't know if it excists do :d

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    With xp, You only have to enter the number at the begining of install. If you have an upgrade version it will ask you for your previous version of windows disk so it can read it. But after this the install does not need you. You can go somewhere else if you want. I have installed xp almost ten times. Have you tried upgrade selection from bootup? If you do this xp will reinstall and you won't lose your other files. The xp disk is bootable. Just follow instruction and xp will install. On bootup the xp disk will detect that you have an os already installed. From here you can select to upgrade which will wipe the windows folder clean. Hope this helps.
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    Try here

    The program u are looking for is ez-install